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How It Works


The silicate and siliconate compounds present in EUCO DIAMOND HARD each play a unique role in densifying and sealing concrete. The silicate in EUCO DIAMOND HARD chemically reacts with calcium hydroxide (also known as portlandite) in the surface to produce calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) – the primary strength-providing portion of concrete paste. Portlandite is a soft, porous mineral that is subject to carbonation and chemical attack, so replacing it with the much stronger CSH is a major benefit of EUCO DIAMOND HARD. The siliconate in EUCO DIAMOND HARD also reacts with the concrete to form a hydrophobic polymer within the pores and on the concrete surface. The ultimate result is a concrete floor that is exceptionally dense and liquid-repellent, which equals long-lasting protection and durability.


Liquid densifers are not effective in curing new concrete. Independent laboratory test results prove that concrete “cured” with a liquid densifer loses as much moisture in the frst three days after placement as concrete that is not cured at all. This means that using a liquid chemical hardener on fresh concrete for the purpose of curing can result in a slab with low strength and poor surface quality. Properly curing concrete with a membrane forming curing compound that meets the requirements of ASTM C 309 or ASTM C 1315 will prevent these problems and ensure that the new foor achieves the strength and durability as specifed and designed.


Silicate products for concrete are effcient dustproofers, sealers, and densifers. They are not, however, replacements for dry shake foor hardeners. Dry shake foor hardeners give wear resistance above and beyond that of a liquid densifer. However, the system of a dry shake hardener with a liquid densifer like Diamond Hard on the surface will produce a foor with exceptional durability. The abrasion resistance of the dry shake plus the densifcation and liquid repellency of the silicate and siliconate equals years of unbeatable performance. The Euclid Chemical Company offers a variety of mineral and metallic aggregate hardeners to fulfll all possible design and performance requirements.